Digital Devices

Many time my computer breaks down, and  I really feel  so lost the same way I feel when  my car is in repairing! How we lean on these tools now! The other day, we were having fun  in a local bar and the organizer of delayed game-questionnaire handwritten leaves to the different groups, not only writes manually, but copied at the hand also! I am surprised to see its devotion not many people perfect unknowns one night outside would go to this sum of trouble to be given to their friends and, and it makes it every week.

Oh well, it was a good night we all appreciated, but this devotion!

Now, return to my problem, I am here in Spain with 2 laptop computers doubtful, which I dropped to wrap as us for Spain, that, until some days would be ya to charge but not to be connected to Internet. I am very lucky, because a new neighbour looked for me and googlé at answer. Obviously, a small button had been hit of a frame of when I left it.

Yesterday, the other old portable XP, that I like it suddenly stopped being connected to Internet. He had some features for some time when I had leant it on food with, after all, he is an old friend, but now he is connected in no way. Search correctives geek on the Internet, of course of expenses of suggestions. I tried some things, and halfway across group of instructions my screen props step – more corresponding in illustration, so completely perplexed I abandoned.

Completely blocked, I had left him the idea of fixing myself when some hours later, the neighbour to have given one to go to fix, I had planned him a trip to the repair shop, but I am going to have to wait and see what takes place. How I would like being Geeky enough for resolving problems as they happen, I simply do not speak the same language as the instructions of repairing.


Oh well imagine what causes her of problem with the laptop computer second failure, the neighbour has just come back, and it was a similar problem; the Internet connection on this portable, was next to the stopping on the button and in error had been deactivated. Therefore, if ever you have a problem of connection with Internet before rousing yourselves hair, or take them from the boutique look of repairing for a button of connection, he could simply be answer!


Perhaps that he is happy for the repair shops that some of us are simply incompetent in the fixing of mechanical devices or to understand instructions, or they a life would not be make. As for the useful neighbours, I am just very lucky and delivered a nice present to thank them.